A few photographs of our travels. The latest photographs at the top.

Then a dash North and a few days at the Bastide

A close shave with a bolt, sorted in 30 minutes

Beaches and Western towns

Cadiz and jerez, where they have sherry on tap

Gibraltar for Christmas with a great lunch, the view from the Commodore`s terrace, and his cannon

A few beach stops on the way to Gibraltar, with a view of the ‘rock’ and Africa beyond

The Desert and the Sierra Nevada

Then through the Plastic to the desert. Much of the coast os covered in plastic greenhouses (If you ever wondered where winter tomatoes came from).

We rode out a storm in the Cabo Gata national Park, in the small resort of Agua Amarga

Macenas Playa, Mojacar

A few miles down the road from the hill-top town of Mojajcar. A beach, a chiringuito (beach bar) and a place to park for a couple of nights.

Campervans middle left by tower.


A ‘real’, and very nice, Spanish town on the coast. Three nights in the Marina carp park, a beach either side, and our lunch hanging to dry.

Bolnuevo, Mazarron

We parked up by the beach, under the rock formation with ‘just a couple’ of other campervans. There was a chance for a very brief swim and we watched the sunset from the beach bar opposite.

La Manga, Cartagena

At the end of a very long, very over-developed spit of Land, between Lagoon and sea, a  car park with 10 other campervans. No photo of the homeless man in his car sleeping next to us. Still, we got a free aerobatics display from the Spanish red arrows, and a first chance to sunbathe.

Sax, Murcia – A night in the back country

We thought it would be a bit wilder and more deserty, but it turned out to be a bit suburban.

Denia, Murcia

Finally a sunny day, and a beautiful lunch spot

The Campsite

Platja de Xeraco, A very dead seaside resort

La Veilla Baixa, Catalonia
The evening before the storm

Villadrau, Catalonia
A cold night in the hills above Barcelona

Torroela de Montgri, Catalonia
Our first night in Spain, a wonderful wild beach

Leucat plage, Narbonne
Another rainy day

Reuilly, Loire
A French Passion with wine and toys.

English Channel, A seasick dog (I’ve never seen bow waves crashing over the top of a ferry before).

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