Montgenèvre is blessed with having 2 great ski schools – ESF and A-Peak – and some of the best beginner and intermediate slopes you could hope to find anywhere.

Please note that the prices below are for the 2018 season and a re indicative only.

Ski School (ESF) Adults Children 6-13 Children 4-6
6 half days £143 £137 £142
including ski pass £249-£274
 max 6 per class £196
including ski pass £307-£335
Ski School (A-Peak) Adults Children 6-12 Children 4-6
6 half days £143 £143
including ski pass £260-£289
max 6 per class £151 £157
including ski pass £298

Fantastic for building or renewing confidence on skis, improving techniques, a great way to progress fast, or correct a unique quirk that may have developed over the years. There are English speaking instructors, all the instructors have passed the very strict French tests. They are specialists, working with kids, nervous adults, powder hounds, and snowboarders. We strongly recommend lessons for beginners and lower intermediates, Your enjoyment of the slopes will be so much greater with good instruction under you belt. Group lessons or go private? Children Children love group lessons. They make new friends, learn new languages and progress well; trained by a professional in the company of their peers. €155  for six half days. Children advance through the group lessons through a level of stages from beginner onwards 1star, 2star, 3 star etc. ensuring they are competent at that level before advancing to the next. The expertise of the instructors means they can quickly asses the right level for each child. Adults For most adults, group lessons are ideal also; learning with people of a similar level, sharing the cost of the lessons, making new friends and sharing a laugh or two.  £145  for six half days. Private lessons – Available for children and adults If group lessons are not for you, book an instructor just for yourself for an hour or more for as many days as you need, or share  a lesson amongst 3 skiers of a similar level. Prices from £43 per hour for an individual, and £47 for a group of 3. Lesson Times Group Lessons The first lesson on Sunday is in the afternoon (14.30 – 17.00) during term time and often in the morning during school holidays. Then  from 9.15 to 11.45 Monday to Friday. Afternoon lessons fro 14.30 – 17.00 are also availalbe. Over Christmas, New-Year and Half-term private lessons are only available from 1200-1400. We can Pre book your lessons for you, select the best instructor for you, and meet you on the first morning to introduce you to your instructor, ready with your booking card.

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